Wednesday, October 7, 2015

G&G Blossom Brown // CIRCLE LENSES

Hello everyone! How are you? I've been very busy because I was painting my room and doing stuff like that so I didn't have time to post anything!Sorry 
Anyway, today  I finally have the chance to review these brown circle lenses I bought on LoveShoppingholics . I already rewied a pair of circle lenses, you can find the review here. They were pink and gorgeous! 
While ago I was looking for a new pair of circle lenses and I found the G&G/Dueba Blossom Brown and I fell In love with them! I was looking for online shops and I found LoveShoppingholics, I saw the reviews and I decided to buy them from their website. I ordered them at the end of August and they arrived exactly a month later, I guess because Italy is far away from Malaysia and because I choose the economy shipping! 

When I opened the package I found This super cute thing! I died of cuteness! haha Everything was very accurate and pretty! And they gave me so much free stuff! 

These are all the things inside of this cute envelope! Can you see all the love they put in this? 

They also gave me this cute little note and inside there was an handwritten thank you. It is crazy.

This are the TWO free gifts they sent me:an eye mask with collagene and hyaluronic acid and some velcro patches that helps you to not have hair on your face while putting make up on or,in this case,contact lenses! 

And finally, in this cute little bag I found the circle lenses with the hyppo contacts container!

The circle lenses were nicely  babblewrapped they were safe and perfect!

On the little note they said to let the lenses soak in the new solution for at least 8 hours and so I did!
Let's get into the specifcs :

♥Origin: Korea
♥ Diameter : 14.5mm
♥Base Curve : 8.6mm
♥Water Content : 38%
♥ Life Span : 1 year disposal

 I have very dark eyes and I wanted to bright them up a bit and some enlargement. I didn't want something to much atificial, I was looking for something that would blend nicely into my eyes and since I want to wear them often and they are exactly what I wanted. Nobody notice them at the first sight , they just notice that my hyrids are stangely bigger than usual! haha The confort of a contact lens depends by a lot of things in my case I have dry eyes so they're a bit unconfortable for me.
Here some photos:

with the ring light(flash)

with the natural light

I also made a video about so you can see the lenses much better.

Here some photos of me waring them

I really love them and I think I'm going to wear them a lot! I'm very happy about LoveShoppingholics too! They are nice and adorable 

That's it for today I hope you found this interesting and see you next time 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

#2 London: best museums ever!

Hello people of the web!I hope you are good! Today I'm going to show you some photos I made the second day I've been in London for my father's birthday! This is the post of the first part: #1 London . The second day we went seeing some museums and OH MY GOD. The museums in London are the best!! I am an art student, so you could guess how important was for me visiting museums! 

We took the metro! In London there are more lines than the one we have in Italy, but they're claustrophobics! The trains are smaller and fuller! I don't like them! But it is the faster way to move around the city! Compared to Italy the tickets are much more expensive! In Italy if you need to stay out all the day and you need the daily ticket it is only about 5 euro and you can go everywhere!In London the price was a thing around 13 pounds which are around 17 euro. JUST CRAZY!

We first went to the Victoria and Albert museum because the metro has a stop to go directly there! And that museum is simply one of the most amazing places I've ever seen!There are artworks from all over the world! It's just HUGE! The japanese section fascinated me so much! There were kimono, samurai's armour, katana and a lot of little objects! There are A LOT of copies of the most famous Italian and French artworks, the David included!

And oh my god this Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook! 
I have a lot of photos of the artworks but I don't want to annoy you too much! haha
The great thing about the museums of London is that they're free. In Italy you have to pay. To visit the Vatican Museum in Rome you must pay something like 15-25 euro, but you have a discount if you're an art student.

This is the courtyard of the museum. So beautiful!

London is very beautiful, every building, every spot is characteristic! There are a lot of fast food restaurant and some of them are even healty! That day we had our lunch at let's Eat, a very cozy place! I'm vegeterian and there were nice options even for me! I ate a vegan kebab! haha 

Then we went visiting the National History museum! It was huge, it was filled with dinosaurs and stuffed animals. It was a bit creepy but also very impressive! I've also touched a fossilized tree from thousands years ago! 

That evening we went to an Italian restaurant and we ate pizza. HAHA
That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed, see you in the next post! Bye! ♥

Thursday, August 27, 2015

When Marnie was there - 思い出のマーニー

Hi everybody! I hope you are good!

Today I finally saw 'Omoide No Marnie'. Yes, after a year is arrived in Italy in the cinemas. I wanted to see it so much since this is the last movie of the Studio Ghibli (for now). I went into another city to watch it because it was not avaible in every cinemas.But I was very excited and I enjoyed seeing it a lot! The landscapes and the characters were amazing as usual in every details! I'm quite sure that you already know the Studio Ghibli, but if you don't I really suggest you to see some of they're animation movies, they're amazing. I don't want to make spoilers, but basically this is the story of a girl with asthma that goes in a place with fresh and pure air to heal herself and there, she met this blonde girl and something strange happens. It is a very interesting story that comes from the homonym book from Joan Gale Robinson. I can't wait to find the book and read it!!  I ate a lot of candies and oreos at the cinema! haha

If you watched it let me know what do you think !
That's all for today thanks for visiting 

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